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Smart Contact Lenses

Posted by on Mar 6, 2014 in Blog, Contact Lenses | 0 comments

You’ve probably heard of Google Glass, the tech giant’s answer to the next great personal data device, but could you imagine contact lenses that replace your smartphone? Tech startup Innovega is developing eyewear based platforms that could put your iPhone inside your iris. Innovega made a bold prediction at the 2013 International CES, a global consumer electronics and consumer tech tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada. They announced the development of smart contact lenses designed to work seamlessly with their patented iOptikTM display system for viewing social and personal media. Innovega followed up last year’s announcement with the debut of a wearable prototype at the 2014 tradeshow in early January. Unlike Google Glass, the Innovega eyewear system consists of two parts. A pair of contact lenses give the wearer specially enhanced focusing abilities, allowing users to see with clarity at points both near and far beyond what the normal eye can see. Innovega’s smart contact lenses would allow a user to see fine details in an object held very close to the eye, such as threads in a fabric or minute wrinkles in skin. When paired with the Innovega glasses, which contain flat panels or micro projectors that can show apps and media, the contact lenses produce an enhanced Google Glass type of interactive media experience. An iOptik spokesperson spoke with Mashable, a tech blog, on the variances and advantages of Innovega’s two-part system as opposed to Google’s self contained glasses. “Google Glass is the equivalent of having your smartphone about 24 inches in front of you. The iOptik system is six times the resolution and 20 times the area. It’s like looking at a big TV projection.” The Daily Mail reported that Innovega’s system provides an experience “equivalent to watching a 240-inch television at a distance of 10 feet.” Innovega’s iOptik system shows promise as an enhancement for head-mounted displays like Google Glass. Combining contact lenses with full HD glasses may allow the headpiece to be smaller and sleeker, a big plus for a consumer product. A demo video available for viewing online shows possible uses for the system that build on technology that is already available. Imagine being...

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